Embalse HanabanillaBy now between 12.860 (Capote et al. 2011) and 17.818 species (www.ecosis.cu) of animals are know from Cuba and the most diverse group is the class of insects with more than 8.300 species (Capote et al. 2011). But it can be expected that the number of discovered species in Cuba will increase about two to three times in the next years. Portuondo & Fern√°ndez (2003) mention 1.156 known species of bees and wasps from Cuba and they estimate that the real number of species will be more than 2.700. In this webportal more than 1200 species of bees and wasps are already listed.

One of the goals of this project is to provide a comprehensive and up-to-date list of bees and wasps from Cuba, with synonyms, a point distribution map for each species and information about the bibliography. And last but not least to have from each species one or more pictures from living specimens, but also images of important characteristics for the identification of species.