Psyllaephagus Ashmead, 1900

Taxonomic list

Psyllaephagus trioziphagus (Howard, 1885)0
Psyllaephagus yaseeni Noyes, 19900
  • Psyllaephagus Ashmead, 1900Ashmead, W.H. On the genera of the Chalcidid-flies belonging to the subfamily Encyrtidae. Proceedings of the United States National Museum 22:323-412.:339. Type species: Encyrtus pachypsyllae Howard, 1885Howard, L.O. Descriptions of North American Chalcididae from the collections of the U. S. Department of Agriculture and of Dr. C. V. Riley. Bulletin of the U. S. Department of Agriculture 5:3-47., by original designation.