Campsomeris Guérin-Méneville, 1839


Taxonomic list

Campsomeris atrata (Fabricius, 1775)0
Campsomeris fulvohirta (Cresson, 1865)0
Campsomeris nassauensis Bradley, 19280
Campsomeris plumipes fossulana (Fabricius, 1804)0
Campsomeris tricincta (Fabricius, 1775)0
Campsomeris trifasciata (Fabricius, 1793)1
  • Campsomeris Guérin-Méneville, 1839:247. Type species: Scolia atrata Fabricius, 1775Fabricius, J.C. Systema Entomologiae sistens Insectorum classes, ordines, genera, species, adjectis synonymis, locis, descriptionibus, observationibus. Korte, Flensburgi et Lipsiae. 28+832 pp..

  • Keys: RohwerRohwer, S.A. The Philippine wasps of the subfamilies Scoliinae and Elidinae. Philippine Journal of Science 19:75-90.:87 (Philippine); BradleyBradley, J.C. The species of Campsomeris (Hymenoptera-Scoliidae) of the Plumipes group, inhabiting the United States, the Greater Antilles, and the Bahama Islands. Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia 80:313-337.:317-320 (Plumipes Group (United States, the Greater Antilles, and the Bahama Islands)); UchidaUchida, T. Revision der japanischen Scoliiden mit Beschreibung der neuen Arten und Formen. Journal of the Faculty of Agriculture, Hokkaido Imperial University 32:229-262, 2 pl.:251-254 (Japan); HurdHurd, P.D. Jr. The Scoliidae of California. Bulletin of the California insect survey 1 (6):141-152.:142 (California); Fernández & Cubillos-G.Fernández, F. & W.A. Cubillos-G. Las avispas escólidas (Hymenoptera: Scoliidae) de Colombia. In: G. Amat-G., M.G. Andrade-C. & F. Fernández (Ed.). Insectos de Colombia, Volumen II. 35-52.:38-45 (del Norte de Suramérica);